Update cloud.indie.host to last version 16 of Nextcloud

Friday 22nd of November, we’ll update Nextcloud to latest of 16 version.

We’ll start to update at 12 France time.

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Great! I was hoping you will find the time to update Nextcloud! It is evolving so fast, that it really makes a difference, which major version is being used. Also when it comes to all the apps it includes. :slight_smile:

Can we expect to have an update to Nextcloud 17 soon aftwards? Or are you waiting for more maintenance releases - for example for the third iteration of NC17 (17.0.2) - it is to be released on 19th of december: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/milestone/100)?

Yes, .2 would be possible.

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Ok, now I’m running a database optimisation, and the code says:

This can take up to hours, depending on the number of files in your instance!

I hope it will not :wink:

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Bonjour, toujours pas possible de me connecter à 17h. Est-ce que vous pourrez poster ici quand la MAJ sera terminée ?
Merci bien.

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Ok, the maintenance is now over, and everything works as expected.

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Impeccable, merci bien.
Tout semble refonctionner.

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Thanks for the update and the optimisation! all working again :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that .2 was released today :slight_smile:


Hope you can carve out some time to do the update! :crossed_fingers: Thank you in advance!

Yeah, saw it also, but tomorrow winter holiday starts :wink: We’ll avoid the disruption, but we’ll plan it for the first week of january.

Happy to hear that you plan it for early January! Enjoy your holidays! :christmas_tree::sparkler:

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Just wanted to flag that .3 was released on 31.01 :slight_smile:


And .4 is just around the corner - it is targeted for release on 12.03.2020 :slight_smile: Hope you will find some time