Status November 2018

Hello everybody!

As you may have noticed, the quality of hosting decreased lately. Mainly performances.
Also time to respond to emails has increased significantly.

This is due to various factors:

  • deploy of new infrastructure
  • many new medium contracts (several thousands euros)
  • many new tenders to respond to
  • negociation with Nextcloud to pay for there support

We already took action to mitigate the issues:

  • hiring a new person in the team
  • stop migration to the new infrastructure
  • revert the clouds to the old and performant infrastructure
  • stop demo accounts on our cloud
  • stop accepting new users in general (except if you have more than 1000euros budget)

I can say as of today that performances are back, at least to the level they were before the summer.

We now have a plan for the infrastructure migration.

And we signed our first contract with Nextcloud support, we are really proud of it.

And hopefully, if all go as expected, we should be at least 3 persons full time by the summer 2019, more on that later.

We started with personal accounts, and we still think that this is key to our success. We are just pausing that for now. Maintaining what exists, and we’ll improve the signup experience before reopening it.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!


3 « J'aime »

Thanks for the update and for your hard work! Much appreciated!

Thanks for the update!
What about static webpages? Is this all supposed to be back to normal later today (mine still has a security certificate issue)?
Best wishes for the next steps!

@mateo I think I just fixed it. Sorry for the delay :confused:

All good and working now.

Yes the improvement is noticeable. Everything seems to work nicely again.
Thanks for the update!