Request: Additional Webmail client

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what the possibilities are, but I would really love to see the possibility to access a webmail client like RoundCube.

Is this something that could be conceivable for the future?

The current webmail is clearly very limited in its interface and functionalities, it’s a bit frustrating.

But in any case, thanks so much to Pierre and everyone involved for all the hard work and their avilability!



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If you could make a report of the most missing feature for the webmail to be usable for you, would be awesome, I’d report upstream then.!

Thanks for your time!

About Roundcube (or rainloop) it is not yet on the todo list, but yes, it would be a nice to have. Anyway, a more urgent matter is LDAP, that would also allow Roundcube or Rainloop.


I’m using the latest firefox version.

  • The unread count doesn’t adapt dynamically. It needs a page refresh. Which means that if I just have a tab open, it still says (X) unread even if I’ve read them.

  • When writing an email, the message part doesn’t contain a vertical scroll bar and isn’t scrollable if the message, the text of the email, is longer than the short box. I have to move the curser to the top or bottom of the text to actually see it. I don’t know how clear this explanation is but not sure how else to explain.

  • When an email is saved in drafts, it deletes the special characters from the email (é, è, à, …)

  • No warning when email is sent without subject

  • It doesn’t seem possible to show only unread messages. Meaning when a lot of messages come in, and I want to keep 1 unread message in particular for later reminder, it can be difficult to find.

These are the first two things I can think of right now. I’ll elaborate further later if some other things cross my mind while using the app.



Thanks for the detailed feedback.

I updated to the latest version of the webmail.
Could you try it out and let me know if it solves some of your issues?


Hi Pierre,

Sorry for the late feedback.

The only improvement I see is the live update of the unread count. (and the check new messages button has disappeared, which I don’t find a good thing)

For the rest, all the issues are still there.

Furthermore, I also have these to add:

  • It doesn’t seem like it’s possible to set a message to « Unread » after you have read it
  • Conversations don’t seem to be an option

User friendliness and features both remain really low-standard.

Do you know if there’s a good chance that in a near future you will be able to install a client like Rainloop, for example? That would such an improvement in the webmail experience.

Thanks for your feedback on this!


Is it still the case, I can’t reproduce?

Ok, opened an issue here:

Added a comment here:

Thanks for your feedback.

I understand that you want a better email software.
In the mean time, don’t you use any desktop/mobile app to manage your emails? Or you just prefer the web?
(I personally use the web as a fall back, but well, people have different preferences)

Let me know!

Hi Pierre,

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer!

I don’t like using desktop clients, no, as it’s dependent on having my own computer, which is often not the case when I want to access my email. Mobile is cool for reading but not for writing long emails. But anyway, that’s a personal choice and I understand the consequences. :wink:

Yes, still the case for me with Firefox. But I just tested with Chrome on the same computer the here the problem doesn’t occur.

I remain available should you need further information/testing.

Thanks again!


EDIT: I just read in the thread about Rainloop, but still. Up :smiley:

Hello :slight_smile:

How about Rainloop for Nextcloud ? I went on their demo website and it seems good ! They support sieve filters and GPG :smiley:


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I had to use the nextcloud web app intensively on the go for the last 4 months, and my conclusion is the same as @Ncols 's : quite unusable : not reliable, I am never sure of what I did, did I send or not ? how is my message received (not wysiwyg), frequent server errors thus sent mails not found in my « sent » box (but very well sent), when you click « transfer » the attached files are not transfered, pdf attached files couls not be opened on arrival, etc
I quit using this mail app, I cannot afford unreliable mails for my job.
I wish I could use a webmail app like rouncube, zimbra or so.
Is it still in the roadmap ?
thank you

we just deployed rainloop,
It does not work with contacts at the moments, should be fixed this week

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and who is allowed to use rainloop? when trying to log in it states that this domain is not allowed. I have the Personal bundle.

@unteem today you said in this thread ( that

« there is also »

I still get the same error when trying to log in like half a year ago. You also never answered my question above. I hope this time you will do.

I need to add your domain, could you remind me your domain name in PM

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Thanks!! I didn’t know that. I will PM my domain