Procedure for planned maintenance

When there is a planned maintenance, we commit ourself to:

  • warn you 2 days prior to the intervention on this forum (maintenance category)
  • tell you the estimated impact
  • tell you which part of the infrastructure is at stake

There are 2 kinds of planned maintenance:

  • updating instances
  • updating underlying infrastructure

In the first case, we’ll do it by batch, like updating all the Nextcloud or all the RocketChat.

In the second case, we’ll let you know that we update this or this part of the infrastrucutre.

Then if you want to know if you are affected, you have to search for the cname of your dedicated instance.

If you domain name in, it must cname to and then it cname to the part of infrastructure you run in.

For instance points to the louisemiche cluster currently, you can check it with this tool:

Currently we have 3 different infrastrucutre:

  • the standard cluster
  • the louise michel cluster
  • the k servers

In the coming weeks, we’ll simplify things in the infrastrucutre and in this procedure.

In the mean time, the best would be to ask questions here, or under the post about the planned maintenance.
Or if you have a dedicated instance, then, open a private chat with us on and we’ll personaly warn you when there is a planned maintenance.

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