Planned maintenance - week of the 10th of August

Dear members,

it is the holiday season, and we take the opportunity to clean our infrastructure.

During next week, we’ll plan a serie of Maintenance. The calendar is still unclear, but we’ll keep you posted here, and on the support public channel about how it goes.

During this week, all the instances will experience as much as 3 downtime, of maximum 30minutes, and it will be either between 12and14 or after 17.
But in any case, we’ll keep you updated here about the process.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask here.

If you have an event and you really need your instance that day, don’t hesitate to ask a delay here, or in the chat.


1 « J'aime »

Will this maintenance also include updates to Nextcloud and its apps? :crossed_fingers:

How does this work? shall we create a new account for that? My normal indie host credentials are not valid.

Actually, we have a plan for that we’ll communicate later. Long story short, we’ll stop maintenance of this instance, and migrate to a new one.
If you want, you can already migrate to, account creation is open and if you have any feedback on the user journey? We’d gladly improve it :slight_smile:

Just wait a bit, and we’ll update this chat to use the same sso as the new cloud, so it will be a true sso experience :slight_smile:

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Ok, tonight, we do migrate all the 4 old servers to 1 new server.

Most of old dedicated instances will be impacted and almost all services as well.

(except discourse and RocketChat that are no longer on these old servers.) and will also be impacted, we’ll take care and make sure the impact is reasonable.

The procedure on our side will be as follow:

  • change dns to point to a failover IP (this is already done)
  • rsync data from old to new server
  • and then server by server:
    • stop all services
    • rsync again all data
    • start the service on the new server
    • move the IP from old to new server

The impact should be a downtine of maximum 10 minutes for each server.
We’ll let you know when we start before each server.

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Ok, we started to sync data already.

Good to know. thanks!

If you want feedback I can test it… otherwise I will wait a bit until you officially launch :slight_smile: Also because I thought, I will contact you via the form on the new homepage and ask how much it would cost to host my own instance (example: cloud.mydomain.TLD) under your new tariffs… do you prefer, that people already contact you with regards to offers, or shall we all wait until you launch officially?

EDIT - Mirijam reached out to me via PM. Just as Info for anybody reading this thread - they did not ignore my question! :slight_smile:

Actually, the sync will last for 18hours, so we postpone this maintenance to tomorrow evening at 18h.

Ok, we’ll begin to migrate k7.

It has 4 services, and the migration is expected to take less than 30 minutes.

Ok, k7 is moved.

If you have any issue with any thing, please comment here or →

Now we start to move k6, this is where most services are running, there are 35 services there.
IndieHost services that will be impacted are:


We start now.

Ok, k6 is now over.

We’ll now move k5, it does contain 8 services.
Among them, here are the indie services:


We start the maintenance now, and hopefully, it will be over in less than 1h.

See you on the other side.

1 « J'aime »

Ok, mail and cloud should be back, up and running, if you see something odd, please let us know.

we still need to sync:


We go eat and we start it again after :slight_smile:

Ok, mastodon is back.

Some more updates, on some services:

  • updated to latest
  • mastodon, updated to latest stable
  • also updated to latest stable.
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ATM, after registering, the web browser only open a json explorer :crazy_face:

I get a « 502 Bad Gateway » now for

Now is back, BUT it says that my password or username is wrong. Which can’t be true, because I use a password manager.

Are you still doing maintenance work?

Yup that was us but we did not plan to break anything today :slight_smile:. It was a misconfiguration on the firewall for emails.

It is now fixed and should be stable. We managed to do everything as planned :partying_face:

There will be other maintenance in the coming weeks but not on the shared instances. We will let you know at that time.

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Yeah sorry, we added a firewall that was wrongly configured.

But now it is back and we have a nice firewall in front of the web services :wink:

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No worries. Thanks for the info and the firewall :slight_smile:

I can confirm, all working again!

It seems there is an issue with Mastodon: my home timeline is empty, and I get an error 500 when trying to post something new (or a “-1011” when using Amarok).

Any idea what might be wrong?

(It has been like that for about two days now.)