Password Managers (KeePass, LessPass, etc.)

I’ve spotted a few good and useable password managers which are open source and can be self-hosted:

Maybe you provide Passman with NextCloud but I have no idea how good it is, and if there is a need to have other apps independant from NextCloud :slight_smile:

Yes so far we have been using Passman on nextcloud. For my use, which is pretty basic, I am satisfied with it.

Only thing that I was missing is that you cannot share a vault, you can share your passwords though.

There is also this app: but it seems less secure. It is service side encryption, not client side yet. Passman does client side encryption.

It think @bepolymathe used both. Maybe you can give us some feedback.

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Yes, I did use both for a while. I confirm Passman is doing his job perfectly. It’s the only one I kept. It is safe and easy to use with Firefox or Chrome like (chromium, vivaldi, etc).

Personally, I think it’s a good option. If you use keepass, you can easily export and import into Passman.

I believe that Firefox also announces its secure password manager in the next versions (in version 63 if my memories are good).

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