Our new Freedom Bundles!

We are happy to announce the availability of our new « Freedom Bundles »! This offer is our alternative to cloud services like Gmail and Outlook that collect your data and invade your privacy. Our goal is to provide a complete and convenient replacement that respects your freedom and gives you back the control over your data. Check our bundles and let us know what you think!


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You can actually have a demo account!

Just head to the home page and follow the instructions. If you want to also test emails, please drop a message here, and we’ll send you a mail account to test.

With these bundles, the organisation bundle is proposed with owncloud and a user creation web interface. Owncloud is now no longer proposed in the apps. Does it mean that owncloud is now on a single big instance, using groups for organisations, and group administratorship for the bundle administrator ?

This is a good question, and I think even us don’t have a clear answer.

We try to offer the best experience to our users. And the best experience is an integrated experience. It means you have the same login/pass for your different applications for instance.

the setup is now really nice with https://cloud.indie.host and https://mail.indie.host.
You have an interface to manage your domain name, and email account. These accounts get access to the cloud also. So it is kind of nice.
It is not yet linked to the group you administer. We are currently working on integrating with ldap which would fix this kind of issues.

But I still understand the fact that people want their own Cloud, to install their own plugin, and be at home, with their own theme.
We need to also offer an integrated experience to them.

For now, How I see things:

  • basic: you get one account with cloud/email
  • personal: you get one account with cloud/email with your domain
  • organisation: you get an interface to admin people under your domain.

Then for organisation there are 2 options:

  • either you use the shared instance, and in this case, everything is configured for you and well wired, so it is really simple to use.
  • or you want your own instance, and in this case, you have to do the wiring yourself. so you have more freedom.

In the future, we’ll work more on the organisation part to ease this.

If you have any feedback on this, please let me know :slight_smile:

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It is not specifically that I want my own owncloud (well, I have it already), it’s more that I feel you could be interested in me converting my private owncloud instance to an account on the big shared instance, especially when you no longer propose directly private instances to users. My concerns were more about what I would miss, and it seems like it would be the groupe management : owncloud does not let users admin for a group create subgroups of that group. But if I could manage groups of users through ldap (which I believe has the ability to do that), and have these groups mirrored to owncloud with the same kind of features (mostly ability to share to a group, and maybe ability to delegate subgroup administration to a user I created), then I would probably be willing to switch to the big instance. For me the advantage would be more reactivity : a lot of users means more concern and more testing / feedback.

Yes, you put the finger on the exact issue.

We are aiming toward ldap.
There is no way to manage ldap from ownCloud at the moment, but we’ll work on that.
(And there is no proper WebUI to manage ldap any way…)

This is the « workflow » I’m thinking about:

  • user visit our landing page
  • we convince it to signup for a demo/free account
  • it creates an account in the cloud.indie.host
  • this cloud.indie.host is its console to manage its IndieHosters account
  • at the beginning, it has just 3 apps (files/calendar/contacts) and 50MB space for one month (free account)
  • there is a fourth app called « MyApps » - check this project
  • from there, you can mange other things
  • you can upgrade your account to basic
  • you can upgrade your account to personal
  • you can upgrade to organization account
  • you can request more space
  • on the basic:
  • you get an email (@indie.host) and the ability to install other apps and webapps (
  • on the personal:
  • you get the possibility to buy domain names
  • you get the possibility to wire domain names to webapps
  • you get one email with your domain name
  • on the organization:
  • you get the possibility to get a UI to manage your organization - here is the project

This is the master plan :slight_smile: I can’t wait to start to work on it!

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This sounds promising! I am particularly interested in the organization bundle and its features. How is the progress or have your plans changed? (As the last post is a bit old…)
Also, I don’t quite understand the pricing of the bundles compared to the items in the shop. E.g. the Organisation bundle costs 240€. And it consists of Nextcloud (24€), 50gb (50€), static website (24€) and optionally mastodon (24€). Thats roughly half of the cost of the Organisation bundle. What am I missing here?

Thank you timothee!
Just out of curiousity: Are you still aiming towards ldap?

Hi, yes please I’d like to test the mail in the demo account I just created.
And is it possible to test the synchronization of files (desktop) since there is no personal nextcloud host URLTrouvé. Thanks