Opiniated Infrastructure

I have an issue.

I love the name libre.sh, and librehosters. And I think we need to share more among libre hosters.
And using the term libre really refers to the commons.
I think this should be the responsibility of CHATONS to unite hosters that have ethics.

But in the same time, I don’t see collaboration happening if we don’t use the same declarative infrastructure. So that’s why I want to push the helm package manager, and recommend people to collaborate there.

The current proposal for the open collective is clear about that, but yet, it received mitigated response from the libre hosters community. (Which I understand, if somebody using smartos, would call himself librehoster, and say that anybody that don’t use smartos is not a librehoster, I’d be annoyed too :slight_smile: )

Now how do we resolve that?

I propose the following:

  • create a discourse for forum.chatons.org
  • unite librehosters under chatons
  • use libre.sh as an opinionated implementation of librehosting

I’d really appreciate feedback here to be able to move on for the next step.


I must second the comment from the discussions last week here, that the term CHATONS does not work in any other language than French. This could possibly be a show stopper for an internationalisation of the idea.


To continue on that, I created the forum for CHATONS, but there was a strong voice to make it french first. Sorry…

We can make an english category there, but I don’t have myself the energy to make all of this.

I still think that ecobytes, weho.st and disroot could join the collective, the charte is already in english.
If you/they don’t want, then we need to create LibreHosters, but I don’t have time for that.

Please let me know if I can help with the English side of things. I find the idea of coop hosting so innovative, and having lurked on these forums for quite a while, I’d be happy to help with such an innovative concept.

I think this is an issue where the francophone community is well in advance compared to the rest of the world and can provide a sustainable example for others looking to offer an alternative to the GAFAM, provided of course, that support in English was provided.

I’m happy to help in any way I can, so don’t hesitate to let me know.

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