Maintenance 23rd of October 2018

There is a maintenance planned on the 23rd of October between 12pm and 1pm UTC+02:00

Plan is to:

  1. Upgrade to Nextcloud 14
  2. Fix cron job that breaks the news application
  3. Fix static website hosting, at the moment thore are out of sync.


IndieHost Team

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Upgrade to Nextcloud 14 is postponed because of issue is:

Cron job is fixed which should fix the news app that was not getting updated and improve a bit performances.

Customization on the php to increase memory limit and at the proxy level which could fix timeouts issues.

Still working on the issue with static site (should be fix this in the next 24h)

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Yes that seems to work fine now! Thanks!

I do sometimes experience an overall slowness since the maintainance though. Accessing files over the web interface at takes ages (Ui loads after a while and thent it takes even longer for Nextcloud to display the files and folders.
Same thing on other apps. I do have 3 items in the bookmark app, but it takes several minutes to show them when I click on the icon in the tool bar.

How is is going with the issue with static site? (that was planned to be fixed last week)

@mateo yep sorry I had to postpone this a bit. Will fix it this week and I’ll keep you updated here.