IndieHosters Future #3

Hi everyone.

So following the last discussion.

First lets start with the actual situation:

As Pierre mentioned, IndieHosters’ goal is to be a federated network of small hosters. Since today IndieHosters’ network and IndieHosters’ first hoster is all the same: a personal business at the name of Pierre Ozoux registered in Portugal. With now me coming in, IndieHosters is 2 auto-entrepreneurs, one in Portugal and one in France

For now things could work as it is but there is, for practical matters, now a need to really tackle that issue of setting up an appropriate legal entity.

As it was discussed there are 3 main points for us:

  1. A cooperative and transparent governance model.
  2. Impossibility to sell the cie to whoever give enough dollars.
  3. Easy to manage in a decentralized fashion with people spread around the globe. Everything need to be manageable from anywhere.

That being said, there is a lot of work to be done in order to define how this will happen on paper and in practice.

Main question we are asking ourselves is where to set up this organisation?
We have been exploring different options:

  1. legal entity in UK => Now with breixit, we have severe doubts ?
  2. scop in France => high administrative cost + need to have 2 salaries at beginning which is not something secured yet.
  3. legal entity in Estonia => we are exploring more and more this option

So about Estonia. Why?

  1. Easy to set up a business with e-citizenship

  2. All administrative operations are made online + can digitally sign documents

  3. Taxation system. While we will as a person keep on paying our taxes in our country, the organization will be in Estonia and will have an advantageous taxing system. All benefits that are re-invested are not taxed which is a strategic asset when you think of a cooperative where by design most benefits are re-invested in the cooperative.

  4. Its quite innovative and exciting :slight_smile:

So the idea would be to set up a cooperative-like organization in Estonia through e-citizenship. Do you have or know people that have experience there?

Any feedback would be great.

If there is a discussion happening here, lets stick to the where so how. We can open another topic to discuss about the details of the cooperative mechanism which is another interesting discussion :smiley:

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Interesting read :slight_smile:

I just add a reference to another post of mine about SCIC french status, see my contribution into this thread:

Mainly, SCIC is a cooperative status that doesn’t impose to have some salaries from the start. I’m the cofounder of a SCIC which has no salaries for now and that works with « auto-entrepreneurs » (like me).