How about Redmine or Some Project Management Tool?

One of the projects I am in is calling for a collaborative project management solution.

I would love if it could be hosted in Indie Hosters.

Redmine seems to be docker ready:

Wonder what other alternatives you would suggest ?
Is there any pending request on this already?

Yes redmine could be an option.

But we have gitlab already \o/
It is an amazong tool! And it does a really good job too for project management with code.

Do you think you still need redmine?

I see redmine being used for more than IT projects (though I haven’t actually ever used it, so any reasons no to use to other type of projects are welcomed). GitLab, for now, I can only imagine IT people using it. Anyone saying otherwise?

I think redmine is mainly for dev also.

What is the problem to be solved exactly?
Do you have some precise use cases?
Is trello not enough for project management?

Edit: wekan, and not trello

The prob with trello (or wekan) for project management is that it doesn’t give you (by itself) a full picture on what’s happening - an overview dashboard for different domains for example, I also don’t know how to track time with it. Also, it doesn’t allow to set dependency between tasks, and dont’ know how to see all my tasks if they are spread across different boards in a clean, organized way. Then again, just found this plugin:, wonder if wekan as something alike ? Also, Trello is not free software and I’m favoring free software nowadays.

I wanted to say wekan :slight_smile: (corrected)

Ok, I understand better. I don’t think trello-dashboard can work with wekan.

Did you try redmine? (There is a demo on their website).
Does it solve all your issues?

There is this list to explore also, but looks like the best (jira and taiga) are developer oriented.
I think redmine is also oriented developers, but I might be wrong.

If you think redmine is the only software that would solve your issue, then I’m ready to host it.
What is your deadline?

Also have a look at (Python Celery), which started out as greenmine. We have an interest to host it, too. Could be a great start to work with @asdx.
Better agile FLOSS interfaces than this and, from above, WeKan and GitLab (+ Kanban) are not known to me. Open for any further suggestions.

Edit: Kanboard (PHP) seems to perform well and appears to have a living ecosystem as well.

Maybe my reply don’t improve the conversation !?
But I’m support your idea & I will waiting for :wink:
Thnks :wink:

Toggl is simple yet powerful tool for tasks management and simple project management. Team behind the popular time tracking and productivity tool share their time management tips, tricks and thoughts.

I’m using this tool from last 2 years and managing my several projects under one roof.


I am using Fluxes to manage all of my projects since two months and I love it. This is an excellent free tool comparing to Trello or Asana.

Hey, seems nice, Fluxes…

Free forever plan makes me wonder how do they keep the service alive.

You know who is behind it and their business model?

Please try to just mention free (as in freedom of speech, not free beer) software on this forum.
The usage of proprietary software is left to the discretion of the user, but is off topic on this forum :wink:

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