Feature request: show which version of the apps is currently available as indie cloud user

Dear IndieHosters Team!

Is there a way for us indie cloud users to see which version of the apps (server [v13.0.4], mail [v0.8.2], contacts [v2.1.5], tasks [xyz], …, notes [xyz], client) is installed/deployed by you?
If not, I would like to request such page/info box. Be it in the nextcloud itself (i.e. announcement section, or somehow automated) or as a status page on your homepage. I don’t know where this information would fit best, but I think it is important.

To reiterate my request and explain more why I find that very useful:

  • for example for bug reporting - something within nextcloud does not work. To give useful bug reports at the respective github repositories of different nextlcoud apps I would need to write down which app version I am using at the moment. Otherwise the maintainers will not be able to easily reproduce the issue.
  • to know if a feature that was implemented and released (according to github / nextcloud apps homepage) is already available to me as a customer of your cloud
  • there are more, but I do hope that you get why such an information is useful…

I hope this can be somehow automated, since I don’t want to increase your workload!
Thanks and best regards!

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