Easily host a static site

  1. Create a cloud account
  2. Go to your Website folder
  3. Edit your website
  4. Edit the website-name.txt file
  5. Once it is edited, send a mail to support@indie.host to get your website published!

Edit your website:

You have 2 options to edit your website:

1. Graphic editor

  • Go to https://editor.silex.me/
  • choose a template to start
  • edit the template
  • Configure it to save it on your cloud:
  • Settings
  • Publish Settings
  • Configure
  • Webdav
  • host: https://cloud.indie.host/remote.php/webdav/
  • and then your username / password
  • click on the selector next to the Website folder
  • the configuration is done, click on the top right cross to close the configuration
  • Modify your website, and once you are happy you can publish it
  • File → Publish

And some paid templates here: https://www.templamatic.com/templates/silex

2. Text mode

Just open the index.html file and modify it as it pleases you!

Edit the website-name.txt file

Edit the file and put the username you want to use.
(username can’t contain other char than [a-z,A-Z,0-9])
For instance, by default, it is mywebsite, this would be transformed into https://site.indie.host/mywebsite .

Is the folder now created automatically for new subscribers? Is this function available to any Indie Hosters account?
If so, what is the real default name of the folder for new subscribers? You give two possibilities throughout your post: Website and Site.

I am testing it right now, I created a Website directory in my ownCloud files, added a website-name.txt inside it, created an index.html file with Silex and published from there, which created the necessary css/js/assets folders in my website’s root directory. Very interesting system!

Is there a demonstration website we could have a look at on site.indie.host?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hehe, yes, the folder structure is just for new users.

Here is the folder structure: https://git.indie.host/indiehost/cloud-skeleton

For, people have to send email to activate this feature (as it is beta), but I just activated for you!

What do you mean for a demonstration website? There is none yet. But, you are right, it could be a good idea :slight_smile: Do you have any idea on what to show?

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Great, thank you! Looks like I did the right thing, my website is visible!

So I guess the sentence « click on the selector next to the Site folder » in your original post should be « click on the selector next to the Website folder », right?

When I said « a demonstration website », I just thought it could be a simple website that showcases what is possible to do with this system, like « look at this cool static website I set up with Indie Hosters + Silex in 20 minutes! »
Or have it list the steps necessary to create a website, same as your original post, a bit like Gitlab Pages or GitHub pages do?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Updated this post, what do you think?

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The link is broken !


Silex.me changed some things…

Configure it to communicate with IndieHosters:

On the left side:

  1. button :gear: Settings (3 gears)
  2. Publish settings → button Configure
  3. Choose Webdav → pop-up → click on CLICK-HERE
    Enter the following:

Create your website. Then…

  • button :cloud: File menu
  • button :rocket: Publish (shortcut Alt P)
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Hi, could you activate my static website please? stoeckel@demecology.com
thanks, best, sol

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Link to github is broken, folder structure is available at: https://git.indie.host/indiehost/cloud-skeleton

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