Certificate expired for cloud.indie.host

I am getting an error from the Nextcloud client:

Cannot connect securely to cloud.indie.host:

The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate

The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted

with Certificate letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion

Organization: <not specified>
Unit: <not specified>
Country: <not specified>

Fingerprint (SHA-256): db:fa:38:b7:59:cc:13:36:2e:5e:8d:6c:74:41:13:1e:15:49:0f:7d:f9:3f:ca:8c:29:4b:41:ad:bb:91:c9:ab
Fingerprint (SHA-512): 50:b4:af:b4:80:60:21:69:f0:57:c2:e1:dc:c1:ea:86:47:45:6e:b5:5c:74:78:64:46:df:1b:f8:37:a4:86:c1:2f:2c:f0:c7:4a:3b:4f:be:b2:87:4b:cd:fe:39:0b:aa:1c:6b:33:16:3d:11:45:d8:98:ec:eb:77:a0:50:ac:5f

Effective Date: Tue. Aug. 11 09:37:41 2020 GMT
Expiration Date: Wed. Aug. 11 09:37:41 2021 GMT

Issuer: letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion

I was wondering why my employer’s network wasn’t letting me access indie.host since a few days ago, and I think that might be why.

Could the certificate be renewed please?

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Looks like it was a transient issue.

When it is like this, don’t hesitate to send a mail directly to contact@indiehosters.net.