App request with update to Nextcloud 18: ONLYOFFICE

Dear indie hosters,

With Nextcloud 18 (« Nextcloud Hub »), there will be the possibility to have ONLYOFFICE easily integrated into Nextcloud and thereby collaborative editing of documents. It would be much appreciated if indie hosters would make use of that opportunity and install ONLYOFFICE when updating to NC 18!

Thanks for considering! :pray:

For reference and further information of all forum readers:

Hi. I don’t think we will deploy OnlyOffice as it only works with Microsoft Office documents.

We do have collabora / libreoffice online though, which is a pretty bad software but somehow works. We will stick to this until OnlyOffice allows to edit Open Office Documents.

May I ask what is your use cases?

We also have Text installed on our nextcloud, its a collaborative editor for markdown. There is also

I’m curious about the use cases for collaborative editing and I think that there are greater tools than OnlyOffice and Collabora that are not really web friendly

Thanks for the quick answer!

Understandable. Although regrettable for me. :wink:

Sure! What I am looking for is the seamless experience between desktop and mobile. Ideally one would not need a Nextcloud account to open and work on a file together (at least on desktop). And if I have a nextcloud account there is the possibility to also work directly in the file on my mobile phone. (Both of which should be possible with OnlyOffice from NC18 onwards)

I do share quite a few files with people who don’t have Nextcloud. They would need to download the file, edit it offline and then re-upload it to the cloud. That’s plain and simple not good enough for most people who know Dropbox, box, GDrive, etc. (Not even talking about the fact that this is error prone if somebody else does this at the same time. And several versions of a document emerge. That’s THE collaboration nightmare). In the end I have to work on their platforms because mine is not convenient enough.
[Therefore my counterargument against your stance of OnlyOffice needing to support LibreOffice documents would be, that when we at least get OnlyOffice out of the box editing, at least your users can utilize Nextcloud and don’t have to switch to Dropbox or whatever non liobre plattform… Just a thought.]
The format used is not that important in my cases. That is why I am ok with only Microsoft formats.

The real use case of course is in a more formal/business setting, where people collaboratively work on presentations, studies, etc. I am okay with my private cloud not having this ability, but at my work-Nextcloud should have this ability. When I think that you want to serve collaboratives and collectives, where people work on a shared mission - i can imagine that such an easy to use solution would come in handy.

I don’t seem to have it activated. On desktop - When I click on files, they just get downloaded, instead of being opened in collabora online. How does it work? [It happened to me twice, that a file could be opened in collabora online on my Android phone. I was really happy, but it seems this was more of an accident, since I can’t do it reproducible.]

What!? You have already deployed « Nextcloud Text »? I have asked for it here: But since we are still on NC 16, where it is optional. I hoped it might be there when you update to NC 17.

Just tried to find it. An indeed it is there and I did not know! :astonished: I just never tried with « .md » files in the « files app »… That is a nice surprise. thanks! In theory Nextcloud Text could suffice, although it seems like it has similar problems like codimd [see below] when it comes to mobile editing.

Yes, that is nice if you just work desktop only. But it does not work on mobile (Android). It needs some special app to open. Nobody has such an app. Therefore something written on the laptop can’t be opened later on the phone, which makes it useless if you have notes/text/whatever you can’t open when you don’t have a laptop with you.

A workaround for mobile editing could be to only save all my documents to the « Notes » folder and work on them with the Nextcloud Notes app (… But of course it would be good to be able to open files from all places in my Nextcloud…

Do you know of apps with wich you can open and in real-time collaborate on .md or .pad files (i.e. at the same time also working on the file via the Nextcloud on a laptop)?

I stumbled over the fact that there is now a new Collabora Online for Android app!

If I get Collabora Office to run in my Nextcloud and connect it to this app, that would essentially solve my problems! :slight_smile:
When trying to connect the app with my Nextcloud I get « Unspecified error connecting to the cloud server »… have you tried this?

It would be much appreciated if you could tell me how make use of collabora office online. Thanks!

Yep sorry I broke the collabora instance yesterday… its back online

Ok so as regard mobile, that is true that it is not currently very fluent… Unfortunately I don’t know much about mobile apps in those cases.

Globally our thinking is that aiming for collaborative editing of office documents might not be the best. We don’t think you need the full power of LibreOffice or MSOffice online and in a collaborative fashion. If you need to do complex layouts, doing it locally alone should be fine.

We do think that collaborative editing of markdown files makes more sense and is way easier to integrate in a browser (you will be scared to see how collabora works… what you see are images that are updated when you type). Plus markdown format makes it kind of standard and portable.

There are great apps for that such as codimd and the app Text from Nextcloud (which is based on Prosmirror which is my opinion the best library for collaborative editing in the browser).

CodiMD is not well integrated in Nextcloud unfortunately, Text seems fine and is probably the best candidate.

And yep sorry forget to tell you that we installed Text… Its actually thanks to you :slight_smile:

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And globally this is a big topic for us, we discussed about it there

Just a note : Only Office will never handle OpenDocument.

a solution is to enable Both apps and use the one adapated to each type of document.

Collabora office still struggle but some office document , but I’m sure it will improve in next months a lot

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Sorry for my late reply. Apparently I forgot to press send.

Great, thanks! Indeed it is working.

I still get an error. I will open up a new thread for that.

EDIT 04.03 - Now I am able to access my IndieHost documents without connecting to the server. So it seems it was due to the app not working proberly

You confirm that it is back and it works?

Yes. I can confirm it works! thanks

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